If you want to easily entertain the kids all day long with multiple bounce house activities, then our inflatable combo units are the perfect choice. Rent one of our combo inflatables and let your kids bounce, tackle obstacles, shoot hoops, climb and slide all day long in their big bounce heaven.

Minnie Mouse Boutique

Minnie and Daisy need more friends to make their boutique even prettier and your party is a great place to do it.

Delight Castle Combo

The Delight Castle Combo is a dry or wet combo inflatable with a slide, basketball hoop and a bouncy area. This colorful and modern inflatable design provides lots of fun.

Sugar Shack Combo

Sugar shack is the most colorful inflatable in Madison and Dane County, WI. Check out the pictures to see why.

Pirate Combo

Pirate Combo Wet & Dry is the perfect unit for your pirate party. This moonwalk unit has a large bounce house area, a double lane slide with the safety stop feature.

Fire Dog

Fire Dog to the rescue! The Fire Dog Belly Bouncer Combo is a great inflatable for all kids who dream to be fire fighters...

Funny Farm

If you would like to have a farm in your own backyard, rent our Funny Farm 5 in 1 combo.

Fire Truck Frenzy

Bounce, climb and then slide like a fireman! Fun for the little dreamer and their fireman friends.

Prancing Pony

It’s a bounce, it’s a slide, it’s a basketball game! Fun for all Ages!

Justice League Combo

This Justice League Combo C4 is the perfect bouncy house for little superheroes everywhere.

Tropical Combo

We bring the beach to your place! The tropical castle provide fun weather it`s used dry or wet. Jumping, sliding and playing basketball provides great entertainment at any party.

Frozen Combo

It's here!!! We're the first in the Madison area (WI) to rent the Frozen bounce house. This inflatable is sure to be a hit with every child that comes to your frozen party.

Wet & Dry Castle 2

Our Wet & Dry Castle offers fun for any type of event. Bouncing and sliding is always great fun both in wet and dry conditions.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular characters in the world of kids today. The colorful and vivid design of this bounce

Wet & Dry Castle 1

Bounce, climb and then slide into a water pool! Say goodbye to hot days!

Disney Princess Castle

It's a bounce, it's a slide, it's a basketball game, it's a Princess Castle! Fun for princesses of all ages!

The Noah`s Ark

It's a bounce, it's a slide, it's a basketball game, it's Noah's Ark! Fun for all Ages!

Sun Prairie, WI