Our selection of interactive inflatables will make you look no further. If your child enjoys challenges and adrenaline rush, then King of the Mountain, Rock & Roll Joust and Boxing, Wrecking Ball, World Sport Games and other interactive inflatables will make the party unforgettable.

Ultimate Sports Arena

Players will enjoy the Full Court action of our new Ultimate Sports Combo. This giant 40’x18’ playing field is perfect for team competitions like Volleyball...

Slam Dunk

How high can you jump? High enough to slam dunk? Now anyone can "Slam Dunk"!

Jacob`s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder is a true test of balance and coordination. Participants struggle to see who can make it to the top, as the ladder twists and turns with their every move.

Box N Bounce

Box N' Bounce is a great bounce house that can be used for boxing and bouncing. This interactive inflatable provides lots of fun for kids and adults. 

Sumo Suits

You have seen those huge sumo wrestlers on television; well now you can be one without gaining all that weight.

King of the Mountain

Experience high latitudes with our 22 feet high mountain climbing wall!

Fun Derby

Place your bets & get ready for the derby. Our colorful Fun Derby racetrack has three starting gates and inflated horses for your guest jockeys of every age and size.

Slippery Slope

Are you up to the challenge of the Slippery Slope? It’s a Race to the top…

Hamster Balls

Hamster Balls are perfect for thrill seeking party animals. Where else can you roll around like a hamster and race your opponent in a safe manner?!

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is one of the most amazing interactive inflatables suitable for any occasion or event. Pull back your opponents and clear the area of balls is the name of the game.

Wrecking Ball

Gather your friends and "Be the last man standing". Knock off other players and become the champion.

Rock N Roll Joust & Boxing Ring

Challenge your friends! Who will be the king of the Rock N Roll Joust & Boxing Ring? Joust or bounce in this great unit.

Sun Prairie, WI