Obstacle Courses

There is no match to our 65 foot Mega Obstacle Challenge inflatable. Bounce, climb, slide and tackle obstacles on Caterpillar Craze, the Circus Train, 7 Element Obstacle Course or the Mega Obstacle Challenge. These bounce houses put the fun in inflatables!

Bateman Challenge

The Batman Challenge is a unique inflatable play structure designed to impress your attendees with its 16-foot Batman likeness standing guard over the entrance.

Deluxe Obstacle Course

Try our newly designed 68 feet obstacle course to experience an adrenaline rush.

Monster Obstacle Course

The Monster Obstacle Course is the latest in a line of obstacle courses. This impressive inflatable play structure

Radical Run

We have what you need!! The Radical Run is an amazing obstacle course that provides 95 feet of excitement.

Rainbow Obstacle Course

Race and win in this amazing, rainbow themed, obstacle course. Run, climb up and down, and slide for complete fun.

7 Element Obstacle Course

Squeeze and scramble through, and run around pillars to become the victor on this amazing inflatable.

Sun Prairie, WI